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Free Resources – Omens and Portents

Free Resources

This is a supply of resources that either I have created, or that I find useful for running games.


Stone Manse Temple Outpost

This is an old outpost of the Temple of Elemental Evil in the Gnarley Forest south of the temple and roughly between Narwell in the Wild Coast and Hommlet. The tower is now the hideout of a group of bandits in the employ of the Temple of Elemental Evil. Although their ties are tenuous they are ultimately employed by the Zuggtmoy/Elder Elemental God faction of the temple and their leader reports to Lareth the Beautiful at the Moathouse near Hommlet. Humanoids traveling north from the Pomarj use this tower as a landmark to aim for when traveling to the temple. Some of their number can almost always be found here resting from their travels.

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