World of Greyhawk Campaign Journal #1

World of Greyhawk Campaign Journal #1 2/4/2017

This past weekend was the very first session of my new World of Greyhawk campaign.

The Session

The plan for the first session of the campaign was primarily character creation. We are playing 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, with the addition of Unearthed Arcana and the following Dragon Magazine and other content.

Winged Folk (Al Karak Elam)

Barbarian (revision)
Cavalier (revision)
Monk (revision)
Bounty Hunter
Bard (Minstrel)
Incantatrix (Sorcerer)
Anti-Paladin (NPC Only)
Sentinel (NPC Only)

Good Hits & Bad Misses (Critical Hits and Fumbles)
Living in a Material World (Spell Components)
Realistic Vital Statistics (Height & Weight)

For those familiar with the game, we will be keeping the Bard as presented in the Dungeon Masters Guide, the Bard from Dragon Magazine we will call a Minstrel and will be sort of a lesser, more common type of Bard. We will call the Incantatrix a Sorcerer because Incantatrix sounds stupid.

The Company

Although the players have yet to name their company, these are the members as written up so far. Most with the possible exception of the Druid will begin in Safeton on the shore of the Wild Coast.

Florimo Featherblossom (Grey Elf | Fighter/Magic-User)
Lucius Kasparian (Human | Fighter)
Temperance Oakenhart (Human | Paladin)

Crüfalcon Quíkfeather (Human | Ranger)
Grok the Faithless (Half-Orc | Fighter)

Senn (Stout Halfling | Thief)
Fredegar (Hill Dwarf | Cleric)

Ron G.
Kelsier (Half-Elf | Psionicist)
Wit (Gnome | Jester)

Ron R.
Yen (Human | Monk)
Mojo Risin (Human | Druid)

Still needing to write up characters are Chris and Marko, though I’m not entirely sure either is playing at this point.

At first glance the company seems a little magic and healing light, but Chris will probably be interested in a Magic-User and between the remaining three (minimum) characters I’d expect we might get another Cleric.

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  1. Rick says:

    I would play a Magic-User and a Cleric !

  2. Paul Riegel-Green says:

    how do you get to see this?

  3. Paul Riegel-Green says:

    how do I view download or purchase this?

  4. Paul Riegel-Green says:

    so it just consists of a list of things?

  5. Rick says:

    Ok, so any update on your tabletop game since the first session or was that the only session since then?!?!

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