Classic AD&D CRPG Titles Available Again on!

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  1. Sonny Calzone says:

    Nice! More commentary please! =)

    • Kalex says:

      Have you got any questions? I thought these titles were ubiquitous, but maybe I’m wrong.

      • MWRuger says:

        You are not wrong. Besides, GoG’s site describes them in rapturous glory.

        Eye of the Beholder is simply one of teh best dungeon crawls. EVER. It models AD&D, has good puzzles and the second one is even better. (If you play Temple of the Dark Moon, DON’T use the fireballs in the glass spheres as weapons, even though they will let you. You’ll thank me later.)

        • Kalex says:

          My favorite in the EotB series was definitely the first, even though they got bigger with each new title. I remember being awestruck at the realism of the first person perspective and real-time combat on the very first level. We got stuck on the Maze/Spider level for ages it seemed.

  2. gblade says:

    Surely these wont run on win7????

  3. mike says:

    How are they gonna get past the spinnging wheel

    • Kalex says:

      They have coded a mini-app that lets you click on the two symbols and shows the words along each of the three dashed, or dotted lines. However, it appears they are not needed. The protection may have be removed within the programs themselves.

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  4. shawn o'reilly says:

    i’d LOVE to see these games updated to todays standards

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