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This post is a bit different than what I usually post. Rather than a long rant, review, or journal entry, I’m exclusively looking for reader feedback. One of the many things I’d like to start here is a series of columns reviewing and calling out new OSR material that expands upon old adventure modules, or setting content. Adventure content expansion should be self explanatory. What I mean when I say setting expansion is, for example, if someone wrote an adventure around Dead Gnoll’s Eye Socket from the White Plume Mountain player’s map, or if someone filled out a missing pantheon of Greyhawk deities (Joe Bloch, I’m looking at you!) I am already aware of a few such projects that are available for TSR products and settings, but I don’t want to limit this to just D&D, or fantasy. I’d love to see what’s available for sci-fi games, historical games, horror games and so forth.

So, my gentle readers, please shout out your favorite such products or projects in the comments sections below. Let me hear what there is out there whether you are just a fan of someone else’s work, or if you just happen to be the gifted author yourself. I want to know about it, and I’ll later post about these products in their own post (and maybe just provide links to where customers can get them legally as well)!


  • At the risk of being self-promotional, my company (casl Entertainment) publishes modules based in the World of Greyhawk. These adventures often expand upon published game materials (as an example, two of them feature the legendary villain Markessa (from the Slave Lords Saga)!). Old releases of these modules can be purchased directly from casl Entertainment, while the more current books are being released through our Patreon.

    If you’re interested in checking them out:

    Thanks! I’m eager to read everyone else’s tips on where to find great OSR materials that hearken back to the halcyon days of our hobby!

    — carlos a.s. lising

    carlos a.s. lising
    Posted December 24, 2018
    • Carlos, this is exactly the kind of thing I am looking for! Being the uber-Grognard that I am, I wonder if you’ve looked into POD publishing via or some similar service. I’ll grab what I can of your PDFs, but there is something about holding a book in your hand that I just can’t shake.

      Also, are the new products only available to Patreon patrons, or do they simply get first crack at them since they help finance them?

      Posted December 24, 2018
  • You’ll be pleased to know that our entire back catalog is available in hard copy, Alex! As you mentioned, we use Lulu as a POD vendor, so you can certainly order those products in either physical or digital formats, directly through us. You can find our Winter 2018 catalog here:

    With regard to the Patreon, you have it correctly: Patrons get early releases of each new module, well before they’re available to the general public — in addition to a wealth of other OSR-related game materials!

    You may follow casl Entertainment best in one of the following two places:


    Thanks so much for your interest and spreading the good word, Alex!!!

    carlos a.s. lising
    Posted December 24, 2018
    • Carlos, do you have a link to your Lulu titles? I did a search on casl Entertainment, and Lising, but both came up empty.

      Posted December 26, 2018
      • Alex,

        Though Lulu is our POD vendor, we accept orders directly through casl Entertainment. We hope to be launching a storefront website to facilitate sales during 2019, as well. Please feel free to contact us at: for details! Thanks for your interest!

        carlos a.s. lising

        carlos a.s. lising
        Posted December 31, 2018
  • This is a great idea. But now you have me intrigued. Is there a “Dead Gnoll’s Eye Socket” 1E/OSRIC adventure out there? 🙂

    Posted April 15, 2019
    • I am not aware of one, but I’d love to see something like that!

      Posted April 15, 2019

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