Vault of K’Horror A Tunnels & Trolls GM Adventure Kickstarter

Calling all Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Fans!

Richard Loomis and Ken St. Andre of Flying Buffalo have a new Kickstarter for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls, an adventure titled The Vaults of K’horror! Check out the video below, and click the Kickstarter “K” in the upper left corner to go to the campaign page.

I must admit I’ve been a fan of Ken St. Andre since the heady days of RPGs Golden Age. Tunnels & Trolls was my first introduction to his work, but I was a fan of Stormbringer and Call of Cthulhu as well. This GM Adventure is written by Andy Holmes and edit by Ken St. Andre. The first stretch goal is a solo adventure by Ken St. Andre titled Vampire’s Vault. With a base buy in of $5 for the PDF I can’t imagine how any dyed in the wool T&T fan wouldn’t want to get in on this, and for old crusty grognards like me who absolutely must have a print copy for their grubby little hands and failing eyesight, the print copy is a mere $17. To top it all off, following the best of Kickstarter practices, this book is for all intents and purposes DONE! The only things that will need to be created for the project are the modest stretch goals. I’m not sure what more I need to say…what are you waiting for? Go get yours now!

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