Dark Wizard Games Maximum Mayhem Kickstarter – #5 Palace of the Dragon’s Princess

Old School Pulpy Fun

Dark Wizard Games‘ Maximum Mayhem line of adventure products are well known for good old fashioned role playing goodness, as well as a good dose of Hollywood pulp-film sensibilities. If you are looking for excellent old school adventures to add to your campaign, or as one-shot nights of fun (and really who isn’t?), then these products are for you. As a proud owner of Adventures #1 – #4 as well as their folio of B-Movie monsters (mostly culled from the first several modules), I can highly recommend anything Mark and Alan are putting in print these days.

Their current Kickstarter for Adventure #5 Palace of the Dragon’s Princess has 10 days left to run and has surpassed 5 of 7 planned stretch goals. Go on over and get in while the gettin’ is good! The cool bonus to this Kickstarter is that for those of you getting into Dark Wizard for the first time, all of the modules, the monster supplement, dice and a dice bag are all available in a boxed set for a pledge of $220. What are you waiting for?

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