Jack Chick, father of the D&D Satanic panic, dead at 92

In western Pennsylvania we weren’t on the front lines of this hysteria, still we had at least one member of our group directly affected by the Satanic fears, and of course we heard about the book burnings and D&D “interventions” out in the Bible Belt.

Personally I found the Dark Dungeons tract to be funny.


It was pretty obvious to me that either Jack Chick had never read the rules of the game, or had not been able to understand the rules of the game. It was also pretty clear he had never played, or directly observed it played (as the frame above pretty clearly illustrates).

Anyway, that’s far more column inches I think Jack Chick deserves. I only hope modern Christians take time to learn about things they don’t understand rather than just knee-jerk reacting to them. I fear that is a hope that may be misplaced.

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