Another Classic StyleTo say that I’m excited about the Kickstarter for the new version of Hexographer (dubbed Worldographer) is an understatement! You can find the Kickstarter here!

I’ve used Hexographer for years, and now use it to create regional maps for Mischief, Inc. products. It has been a godsend given how hard it has been for me to get my head around any incarnation of Campaign Cartographer.

What excites me about this version is the impressive list of new features like an easy-to-use coastline generator, an undo/redo feature (truly a GIFT from the GODS!), and lots of other neat stuff that will make world building from the ground up a much easier task.

I can’t recommend Hexographer/Worldographer highly enough, especially if you love the old school style hex maps reminiscent of the Darlene Eastern Flanaess map from the World of Greyhawk folio.

What are you waiting for?! Go become a backer NOW! And in case my glowing review hasn’t made up your mind watch this wonderful video…

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